Strong Passwords are Key to Online Security

Imagine that you had one key that unlocked your house, your garage, your office, and your car. That's about the level of security you have if you use the same easy-to-guess password for multiple purposes.Too many people do just that.

Use strong passwords

A strong password is one that cannot be easily guessed, or broken by a brute force attack in a reasonable amount of time. That means no words likely to be found in a dictionary, no common names, and nothing too short. A 15-character password maybe 90 times harder to crack than a 14-character one.

Don't give away your passwords

Finally, be careful about throwing your passwords around. Follow these steps for added safety:
  • Never type a password on a Web site that isn't secure.
  • Never share a password with anyone that you wouldn't trust with your credit card.
  • Never email one of your passwords, even to someone you trust, without taking proper precautions.
  • If a Web site offers additional protection, such as Gmail's two-step verification option, use it.

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